CpSc 461, Software Engineering Techniques

Software Project Milestone Exercise

In this exercise, you will start to map out the milestones for projects. The following are last week's estimates of the effort (in programmer-months) derived from the Function Point estimates for the Library and Pay Phone projects:
Library project Pay phone project
3.73 2.87
5.16 4.60
7.22 14.68
11.23 18.17
18.77 44.55
Assume that each member of your team will be a programmer on the project, then use each of the estimates above to compute a time frame for the project. Given those estimates, begin creating high-level schedules. Use the following estimates from the NASA Software Engineering Laboratory's Manager's Handbook for Sofware Development:
Phase Percent of Time Schedule Percent of Effort
Requirements Analysis 12 6
Preliminary Design 8 8
Detailed Design 15 16
Implementation 30 40
System Testing 20 20
Acceptance Testing 15 10
Estimate the project as follows (you will probably want to use a spreadsheet):
  1. Begin by calculating the length of the project given the number of programmers on your team If the size of the estimate is very small, you may wish to use programmer-days instead of programmer-months.
  2. Use the "Percent of Time Schedule" column to compute time estimates for each phase of the software lifecycle.
  3. Now that you have the amount of time to spend on each phase, use the "Percent of Effort" column to figure out how many programmer-months to allocate for each phase.
  4. Combine these last two figures to determine how many programmers should be working on each phase.
You now have a rough schedule for the project, showing how many programmers will be working on the project at each phase, and how long each phase will last. Repeat this process for each estimate.