CpSc 461, Software Engineering Techniques

Class Diagram and Use-Case Exercises

For this exercise, you will be create Analysis Models for the following specification:
A library needs an information system to manage circulation. The system should allow patrons to check out books for a two-week term, with renewals for two weeks at a time. Patrons who need books that are currently checked out may request that a book be recalled. Books that have been recalled may not be renewed. If a book has not been returned by its due date, fines accrue at the rate of $0.15 per book per day, including weekends. If a book has not been returned after three weeks, the system should should send a letter to remind the patron. If books are overdue, patrons should not be allowed to check out additional books. Librarians will check out books to patrons, examine current circulation records, generate receipts when fines have been paid, and generate reminder letters to be mailed. They will also enter new books as they arrive.
Your team should create a UML Class Diagram and UML Use-Case Diagrams for the application. Along with the Use-Case diagrams, include written Use-Case descriptions using the template on pp. 161-162 of the textbook. Consider that librarians and patrons have different roles in the system at different times. You may use any drawing program to create the diagrams, but I suggest Violet or ArgoUML. Note that Violet seems to have trouble saving and opening Use-Case diagrams if you use Java Web Start. Download the file and double-click the .JAR file instead. Deliverables are due at the beginning of lab on Monday, March 7.